Images of Beck Street, Thurgarton.

Beck Street in Thurgarton has been described as one of the gems of Nottinghamshire and from the early days of photography in the late 19th century many images have recorded the scene . Here are a few.

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Victorian photo of children on one of the bridges over the beck

  beck st c1900 2

There were three farms in the village.  Horses, cows and sheep all contributed to a steady supply of fertilizer for the gardens  – the locals name for  Beck Street  was  ‘ Cow Muck Lane’

Cow Muck  Lane

beck st - cow muck lane.jpg 2

Mr Allwood , Priory Farm, leading cart horses down Beck St. 1940s

mr allwood leading carthorses down beck st.jpg 2

  The beck has been a playground for generations of children

The Bentley sisters fishing 1930s

beck st fishing

But it can change from pleasant stream to a torrent

The beck in spate 1970sthe beck in spate 1970s.jpg 2


Beck Street today


beck st today 2

Artisit’s sketch of Beck Street with old stepping stones.


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