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The origin of the place name Thurgarton posted 15/o4/2010

 Thurgarton village plan -1990 to 1730 posted 30/7/2011

Beating the bounds – a perambulation of Thurgarton parish posted 17/12/2010


Chronological History

Roman Thurgarton posted 4/3/2011


Mediaeval Thurgarton

Was there a castle in Thurgarton ? posted 30/03/201023

The Foundation of Thurgarton Priory posted 17/8/2010

Scandal at the Priory posted 23/5/2011

Mediaeval Doodlings in Thurgarton Priory posted 8 /02/2011

The mediaeval library of Thurgarton Priory posted 30/8/2011

Walter Hilton posted 17/8/2011

Misericords from Thurgarton Priory posted 21/02/2011

Mediaeval Tiles of Thurgarton Priory posted 17/3/2011

The surrender of the Augustinian Priory of St. Peter, Thurgarton posted 13/02/2010

Men in pants- the wrestlers of mediaeval Thurgarton posted 18/03/2018

Elizabethan Thurgarton

Making ones mark in Elizabethan Thurgarton posted 12/05/2010

The lost village of Horsepool posted 23/7/2010


17th century

The Civil War and Thurgarton posted 6/6/2010



Land use in Thurgarton – The earliest maps of Thurgarton posted 7/7/2010

Enclosure in Thurgarton   posted 20/20/2010

The second oldest sheepwash bridge in England posted 5/02/2010

A farming family –  The Featherstones of Thurgarton posted 29/12/2010


Visitor’s to Thurgarton Hall

Paradise on earth? Lord Torrington and Rev Powell visit Thurgarton posted 8/10/2010

The squire of England posted 11/03/2010

Lt. Cecil Gilbert-Cooper’s visit to Thurgarton in 1869 posted 25/11/2010

Thurgarton church in the first issue of the London Illustrated News  posted 25/5/2011


Memoirs of village life

Christmas in Thurgarton a hundred years ago posted 27/12/2009

Miss Mabel Mott’s memoirs of Thurgarton posted 9/11/2011

Jim Bentley’s memoirs, part1 – The farming year    posted 27/7/2010

Jim Bentley’s memoirs, part 2 – Life in the farmhouse  posted 27/7/2010

Jim Bentley’s memoirs , part 3 -village life  posted 28/7/2010

Jim Bentley’s memoirs part 4  – World War 2  posted 29/7/2010


Images of village events and scenes

The coronation of Edward 7th – photograph of Thurgarton posted 27/12/200942

Coronation celebrations in Thurgarton – photographs from 1902 -1953 posted 11/03/2010

School photographs of Thurgarton Primary School (1890-1974) posted 30/03/2010

Images of Beck Street posted 9/04/2010

Images of Thurgarton-before the motor posted 11/7/2010


Thurgarton in World War 1 and 2

Lest we forget  posted 8/11/20103

World War 1 – postcards from the front. posted 21/7/2011

WW2 evacuees in Thurgarton posted 24/01/2010

Thurgarton prepares for the Nazi invasion posted 22/01/2011

Lancaster Bomber L7578  posted 20/8/2011


Village buildings and landmarks

The coming of the railway to Thurgarton posted 28/9/2010

Thurgarton Pinfold and Smithy posted 4/5/2011

The stones of Thurgarton posted 02/05/2010

Thurgarton open air school posted 24/01/2010

The Old Rectory at Thurgarton posted 14/1/2011

 Thurgarton village hall  posted 14/6/2011

The largest clock in the county posted 23/3/11



Thurgarton Folklore -  Brown Monks,Boggarts and Bellarmines/posted 18/11/2011

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  1. Thankyou for all your effort in recording the history of Thurgarton. A photo of the house of Manor farm was a constant in our house in Western Australia. It was pleasing to see that it remains in good repair. Only aunty Alice features in my memories, particularly her remonstration that I should “eat up coz your not a baby now” when I struggled with mum’s boiled cabbage, aged 5. Reading Jim Bentley’s volumes made me realise how little I know of my heritage. Thanks to your effort I now know much more.

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